Trying to rest, but failing

As there were still no one there, and I did not really feel obliged to pay as I did not use the electricity or dumping my toilet (well, I do not have one), I went from the camping without paying. Eight euros saved, I guess!
I went into the city to find some internet and rest some more as my body felt pretty dead after the two hilly 100 kilometre days. I bought a bag of pain au chocolates in a nearby shop and talked with friends and family. I also gathered information about the canal, as I was going to bike without using the GPS.
At eleven-something, I started. The canal were really flat and offered a better view than car-filled big roads.

It really is a touring cyclist high way though, I have never seen as many touring cyclists, so it was fun to see all the difference in gear choices, age and how far they seemed like they were going (how much they were packing)!
There were some random art along the canal, for example a car and a X-wing:


Other than that, I biked pretty slow a as I did not feel good. At half past one I tried to find a shop, but the one nearby opened again at three. The shop in the next city was closed this Monday, so I had to go to Agen, and in the end I did not get to eat lunch before 1600. At that time I had already done nearly 60 kilometres, even though I wanted to take it really slowly. I chilled out and just relaxed, and after more than en hour I decided to move.

I went to the tourist office and asked about campings, but most of them were in the wrong direction, closed or expensive. I went out to take a look at the internet and found a map over camping van parkings, so I decided to stay at that again!
I went south nine kilometres to Layrac, and found the place. There were no toilet but water. I did not really care, and pitched my tent and was going to make dinner. I met a lovely lady there, Yvonne, who were travelling with her two dogs, from Holland. We had a nice chat, and I got a small micro-fibre cloth to use as towel if needed. I forgot my towel and shorts at the last hosts place on the dry line, so the Finnish guys took it with them, but how I will get the stuff is a later problem.
As I was going to my tent, I saw some people at the entrance of the gymnastics hall. I went there and asked if I could borrow the shower, which was no problem, so it was really good I just got a towel! The water did not want to get warm, though, but hopefully I did get a little bit clean!

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