Slow ride, take it easy

I woke up and went to eat breakfast with the Dutch woman. I had bought cereal and milk the day before, so I ate half a package cereal and half a litre of milk. Apparently, that is 1500 kilocalories, so I was reeeeally full and went back to bed for another hour as I was going to take it easy this day (I knew there were a camping in 50 kilometres if I wanted to take it really easy).
I was looking through the info about the canal, and apparently Agen has an aqueduct bridge so the boats can go over the river Garonne. I felt that I wanted to see that, So I decided to return to Agen before continuing.
At one, I was leaving. I but the milk in wet socks to keep it cool (it works) and started with biking the 13 kilometres, and it was worth it! I stopped by a Lidl and bought some yoghurt thing to eat as snack so I took a brake at the lock in the canal.
Pictures from the aqueduct:


After that, I just continued biking. On the way I saw a french woman that seemed to have a problem, and it was that the rear rim brake was too tight so it was always on. I do of course have tools with me, so I helped her adjusting it and went on. (I also adjusted my own disc brakes during the day actually!)
This day I was actually going pretty fast, and my bike computer usually showed 26-28 km/h (I had a little bit of tailwind and knew there would be no hills). Someone with a mountain bike without any panniers or other bags tried to hold my speed, but I even managed to accelerate and lose him. It was nice to feel fast and good, and I am sure I have improved a lot since the beginning!
After a visit of the tourist office in Mossaic, I went to a camping that was 9 euros per night. It was actually quite good with a pool and all, but I did not have any bathing clothes and I did not really feel like swimming/having time either. I went into the city and bought a pizza and a desert thing for dinner.

When going to bed I actually felt a little bit hungry, so note to self: buy more next time!
I showered, and it was really nice with warm water. Even if it was not perfect (many people using warm water at the same time) it was a big improvement!
Also, per request, here is my tan so far!




After dinner and bed, I sent out some requests to Warmshowers, and I got an answer! After that I went to sleep, and tomorrow, Toulouse!