Husqvarna all over again

I continued south, and now I am really closing to Andorra!
It started with some ups and downs, but after 30 kilometres, it was suddenly flat again (small inclination only).
On my way I took the time to film this. Three fingers=30 km/h, four=40, fist=50 and one finger=56.8 km/h.

I ate ravioli for lunch after 70 kilometres, luckily while it was raining, as the rain almost stopped before I continued.
I then continued to Foix, riding along the way through the valley.

After doing a little shopping I started my last climb to get to the host for the night, 200 height metres in four kilometres. It was like my third day, in Jönköping, bit this time I was stronger! I took one pause, at which I took of my jacket. My body was smoking! Other than that it went really good.
I met my nice hosts, who are building a house out of an old stone barn. We ate soup, bread and cheese for dinner, and talked for a long time about mostly everything related to life and living.
I was supposed to sleep in a caravan, but their friend was going to stay another day, so I got a really cool sleeping place instead. You will get a picture of it tomorrow!