Should have brought a harness…

…because today I have been climbing!
I woke up a little after seven, and actually felt well, so I went up, started packing and made breakfast. I took it really easy, mentally preparing, and also waiting for a little more warmth in the valley, as it was pretty cold outside.
A little after ten, I started climbing.
For some time, I went with two guys going on road bikes.

The first 14 kilometres were easy, and I made one pause, and one really quick stop on the way, taking 623 height metres. It started getting steeper, so I lost the two guys (who had 7-kg bikes and a small backpack each), taking a break every second kilometre. I took both three-minute-pauses and 15-minute-pauses, as I got really tired in the muscles.
While I was only climbing, my emotions were going in a roller coaster. In just seconds, I could change from being happy, to almost crying, to laughing by myself, to thinking of trying to hitch hike. Mainly, the moral were good, but sometimes, it really sucked.
On the way up, a man riding a racer bike reached out with his hand to make a high five. Also, in Pas de la Casa, a hitch-hiker standing by the side starter applauding, and I have him a high five too. That, and many cars honking and cheering, really helped me get up that hill!
With five kilometres, and 320 height metres, the rise were 6.4%. It continued like that, with the highest rise average being 6.8%.

After a total of 26.32 kilometres, and 1320 height metres, I was finally at the top.

I did not really care for the view at the moment, but instead went into the restaurant (that were not that expensive with the place to accordance; 9 euros for a pizza, and 2,5 for desert. I really felt dead.



After eating one pizza and two deserts, I was preparing for going down. Then, two guys I met at the camping yesterday, appeared, as one of them recognised my bike outside. I decided to wait for them and follow them to the camping in Andorra la Valle, instead of riding alone.

And now, while I wasn’t half dead, I could take pictures (and get help by those guys). The view were nice the whole way down!

I got some nice pictures on the way down, and also, for the first time I got pictures of me in action!




I present to you: The way down!

We shopped in Andorra la Valle before going to the camping in the town. While looking for food I also found a new towel, this one red!
We made rice with some vegetables and cheese and stuff. It was nice, and really much!

But I did not manage to eat it all.

It was already pretty late when we went to sleep, but now I had people to test to ride with, which will be interesting!