Pretty glad we stopped early…

After just a couple of kilometres, we started climbing, and not even a little. We got up to 880 metres, which means more than 450 metres of climbing again! This would of course give some back later with some really fun down hill riding. Also, there were some really nice views from up there!

I rolled up to 70.4, and was able to reach 71.4 without feeling unsafe. Mostly I just relaxed downhill in speeds around 40-50, having a really nice time.
We decided to stay by at a Lidl to buy some snacks before continuing. After that we climbed up to 748 again, around a hundred metres, and we had 49 kilometres left, which felt really bad. Suddenly, the road starting being enough downhill for us to bike in 30 km/h, without having to use too much energy, and suddenly we had 17 left in what felt as no time.
It was really hot today, and I had started using my arm warmers against the sun, as they really cool everything down if you put water on them. During a pause we checked the temperature, and apparently it was 33 degrees in the shadow. Ouch!
After arriving in Manresa, we found out there was no nearby camping. We went and shopped at a small store, before going to the hostel (which was just 50 metres from the store).

At the hostel, I tried “double cooking” for the first time with the trangia (you can actually use the frying pan at the same time if you want to).

The street were kind of messy, so I am happy that there were a locked room for the bikes during the night.
We just relaxed in the evening, I watched another movie (300: Rise of an Empire) and then went to sleep!

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