My first stage done!

First of all: Fear the mighty ladybug!

We took a really easy morning, and I ate some breakfast, as usual. This was 3000 kcal, and it should be enough for me to continue biking the last ~65 kilometres!

We did not leave before one o’clock. I continued using my arm-warmers as protection against the sun, drenched in water. I also had a buff beneath my helmet. Those really helped me keep cool while biking! Because I started using water for my clothes, I used my Dromedary Bag (my water bag) and filled it up with some extra litres.

While biking, we had more or less down hill, but headwind. I went in the back, which made it pretty easy for me, even though I had more weight and they had SPD. The views were great, and I think Spain has offered the greatest views so far!

We still went on fairly big roads, but all the trucks and cars held out for us, so that was no problem. We found a Lidl, were we off course took a break and bought some snacks!

We then continued along the main road. My GPS wanted us to take another route, which was shorter, but I though this would be no problem. It went into a problem though, as we were not allowed to continue at this way. While looking at the maps, a guy stopped with his car and told us to follow him. We did so, and he parked, and took out a road-bike from his car. Apparently he was going to do a small training trip, and he was going our way for a bit. This really helped us, and set us on way again!

With 16 kilometres left, it was time to go different paths. The germans were going to a camping, and I was going to some swedish friends. We had a last break, and it felt a little bit sad as I had a great time riding with them!

I went the last 16 kilometres. There were many red lights, so it took longer time than I had hoped for. On the way I got use of my stronger bike horn, as I do not know if all the cars here recognizes cyclists or not.
After 50 minutes I was there! I was now officially in Barcelona, and my first “planned stage” out of two (the next being Japan) was done. 4557 kilometres, and stronger than ever!

Alex, a friend I met while working at ABB Robotics, came down and met me. I got to stay at their place for two nights, which was really awesome, as not many couchsurfers/warmshowers seemed to be available.
Apparently, I knew two of the other guys also living in this apartment, since I had been at a party with them home in Sweden a year ago.
It was nice to relax again, and I went out with the guys to eat dinner. I bought two meals (of course), one double burger and one entrecĂ´te. As I had planned to have a “mini vacation” in Spain, the budget will be much more loose here than earlier.
It was a good evening, and I slept well, after having a shower, being able to use a washing machine and eating really nice food with nice people!

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