Time to relax

Waking up at ten, I felt stressed before realizing I did not have to bike today!
I took it really easy, just relaxing in the apartment while the others went to the beach. I went there later, maybe at three, and continued relaxing. On my way there, I bough a pair of cheap bath shorts (4.95) as my old ones are in south of Spain.

After going back to the apartment, I followed them out to look at some shopping in El Corte Ingles. I found a tripod that could be nice, that would fit for both my Canon PowerShot G10 and my iPhone, and I also looked at the cheaper tablets (50 euros) as a light alternative to a computer.
After the shopping, we went for dinner at Maur, some pretty nice restaurant near the apartment. I started with eating a Saber (look at the picture) and followed up with a pizza. Really nice food, and really nice to not feel hungry!

Back to the apartment again, playing some magic just hanging out before going to bed again. I had also managed to get in touch with a guy I met in Paris, so I have a place to stay at tomorrow!