You should not be shy

Today, my friends will go home to Sweden. They were going to throw away plenty of food, beer, shower gel and so on, so I crammed everything interesting down my bags.
When they had left, I though making my vote, as there would be another four hours before my host would come home. On the way there, I saw two people with big backpacks. First, I cycled by them, but then I decided that I would have more fun talking with them than voting! I rolled up to them and asked if they had any plans for the next few hours, and if I could join them. The were going to the park by Arc de Triomf, so I went there by bike, and met up with them when they arrived with metro.
I had already eaten breakfast, but as they had not, I ate some brunch-think with them, just mixing what I had and what they had. They got all the beers as I do not drink beer (but it would have been a bad waste to pour it down the sink), and I boiled some eggs I got from the Swedes. I got a good sandwich with avocado and some other fruit stuff, and also ate a bowl with milk, yoghurt and cereals. It started raining in the beginning, so we took cover beneath the roof.

This is where we had brunch!

This was the end of the park, and some guys were doing big bubbles

I went to my host, who I had met in Paris. I saw on Facebook that he was in Barcelona, so I got to stay at his place for some time.
In the evening, I went out to buy the tripod I had seen yesterday, and also looked for new tires for the bike, as the old rear one was almost flat by now. The tripod really were nice, and I think I will have use of it on my adventures!
Me and my host went to a really cheap place, to eat some more local food. The first place was closed, but we went to another one. It was… an experience, as the service were pretty poor, but the food was good, and cheap. After that, we went on a walk while Orion showed me some nice places, before heading home again!

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