Arrival of the parents

The morning started with a really good sandwich made by Orion. He put salmon, tomato, avocado, tuna and some other nice stuff on dark bread, and it was both delicious and satisfying.
I was going to meet up with my german friends at their camping, and the plan was to take the bus. I went about half an hour before I had to, which was really good, as everything went straight to hell.
One guy told me I had to buy bus tickets at the metro station. The people down there did not really speak english, so I bought the wrong sort of tickets according to the bus driver. Went down again, and this time it was also the wrong ones. After refunding those, someone told me you could pay on the bus (which you could not according to the other people). They did apparently not take card though, so another bus went away. After withdrawing money, I succeeded, and were on the way. I came there 15 minutes late…
No problem though, Felix met me at the station, and we went to the beach were Christoph were waiting.

The camping they lived at were pretty nice, and five metres from the beach, but every four minutes or so an airplane went over from the airport. Not that fun, but I guess you get used to it!

We ate a late lunch at the camping, hamburger with fries for me. After that, it was time to say goodbye for real, as they were heading back the next time. I had a great time with them, and hopefully I will met them again some day!
I headed out from the camping, with the plan to walk to the airport. Of course I put out my thumb, and in less than five minutes I got picked by a guy and his wife (I think she was from Poland, not sure about him, but he had lived in Spain for eight years). I actually told him to drop me off at the exit of the highway as they were not going to the airport, but he was nice enough to drive me to the front, maybe because he liked my story about my biking life!

Because I got picked up, I had half an hour spare time. First, I used the free internet at the airport, but as it is limited to 15 minutes, it quickly ran out. I asked a stranger if she could share, and I got some 4G from her (by sharing, it was like 120 ms and 40/10. Nice!).
Finally my parents arrived, and after some hugging we went to take the train. I followed them to their hotel, and then we went out to eat, which was really nice, even though the place was so-so for that price.
We went back to the hotel room, and I got some stuff that I wanted from home, for example a Swedish flag to put on the bike, a new water bottle (lost one of my old ones), some documents and a little bit of candy. It should be enough.


4.5 kilo of glory and
satisfying destruction

Also, bonus picture taken from the sea, because I can!