New stuff on the blog!

This day I spent the morning by fixing with my blog.
*The About me page is redone
*The map on the “Where am I?”-page is deleted, and instead there are two links: one for smartphones and one for computer, where the computer one is more detailed and better (but does not work well on all smartphones).
*Added some pages, for example Contact me and How to use this site.
*Also some fixes in the sidebar!

I ate a small lunch Orion made, which tasted awesome (and healthy).

Then, I went to meet my parents at the beach. After little trouble, I managed to find them.
We went for dinner at a place around the corner from their hotel. At that restaurant, you were supposed to order many smaller plates and share them. It was a small problem that my mum can’t eat meat or gluten, but we got some sort of mix in the end, even though she sadly can’t taste everything, for example this meat.

Note: the coal were edible, made out of potato
After leaving them on their hotel, I went back to the apartment again.
My host, Orion, is a professional photographer (actually really good – he won the prize “photographer of the month” from the company he is doing work for). He had earlier taught me more about how to use a camera to get the photo the way you wish, so I started experimenting in my way home. Even if not a perfect camera, I think the result is nice!


There may be better pictures on this blog in the future, I just need a way to get them from the camera to my iPhone!
Also, if interested, check out Orions website, where you can see some of his work!

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