Voting time!

Up and go! This day, I would need to do some practical things. I started with going to the Swedish consulate to vote. I won’t tell you what I voted for, but I can tell you it was not for a world made of hate.

Then, I went to Barceloneta Placa, to visit a bike shop. I had to wait twenty minutes before they had time, so I went over the plaza to a small restaurant that looked really local.

It felt authentic, with loud Spanish voices and just a simple restaurant, crowded with tables. I ordered two slices of bread, a potato-thingie and some octopus, for 7.60 (the octopus was half of it) so I think is was a cheap, nice place. It took me 15 minutes from ordering until out again, so it was perfect!
I did not have cash, and they did not take card. He pointed towards an ATM, and did not even ask for my passport or anything. The problem was that the ATM did not like my card, so I had to find another one. When I came back, one of he guys was standing outside, and I think they were looking for me. As I had my money, and came back, no problem, though. I would love to go there again!

The bike shop did not have the specific parts I wanted, but I got my chain measured, and was told it was time to change (which I was already sure of). I got a tip about another bike shop, and went there.
I let them measure my chain again, and they told my I could actually go a couple of hundred more, but I bought a new one, and a set of tires. I then went home again.

For dinner, Orion made some nice omelette of the eggs we had left. As it was not much, he went down and bought some ready-to-eat Thai food (or maybe Indian. Or something. I do not know).

Afterwards, it was time to change the chain. I had never done it before, so I checked up what was needed to know.

The chain was one link shorter than my old chain, but I thought it would be enough, which it was.

Good-looking with a new chain!