Magic trick

The day started out with breakfast bought at the bakery. It was really cheap, and really good, even though it is mostly white bread and sugar!

At three o’clock I walked over to my parents’ hotel, relaxed by their swimming pool and spent time with time on the room. After a few hours, we went to Maur to eat dinner. It was the same place as I was on the second day.

This was the last evening I got to spend with them, as they were flying back tomorrow. It was good to meet them, and maybe I will meet them in another month depending on my plans!

Then, I went to find Orion. He was working with photographing a tour, so I guessed it would be hard to get ahold of him. I know which are he was working in, though, so I set my direction to that area, and continued with learning to take photos myself along the way!





I did manage to find him, because I am awesome!

When the tour was done, we went home. On the way Orion bought some pizza as dinner. When we came home, I surfed the web and found the picture of the flying hammer. He told me I would get a free lunch if I was able to do it, and done!

Later, I got a message from one of the persons I randomly met and had brunch with. They were going to a Brazilian party (I think it was) and invited me. The problem was that when I had walked to the place, it had moved, and was apparently another 1.5 kilometres away. I went there, but could not find them, so I took a walk, but another way, home. It was 2 o’clock, so I got to experience the night life of Barcelona. On the way I bought an ice cream, and got to see many different people on my way home. Finally, I went to bed at 0430!