Critical Mass!

It was time to do some productive things, so after continuing to setting the tablet up, I went to the hospital to ask about vaccination. First, I went to a small clinic, but they sent me to a bigger one. There, I managed to find the place, and on Monday I will get some vaccinations!

I went out with Orion for lunch, and we went to the cheap, but good, place. Afterwards I followed him back to the apartment and hanged out for a while, before continuing to my new “home”. Once again, I managed to forget my ice cream in the freezer, though…

I went home, and I had to change tires, so I did. It rained a little bit, but in this heat, that is no problem. It went without problems, and now I do have some grip on my rear tire! They are really looking new, and it will be a pleasure to take them to Marocco!

Later this evening, we were going out, so in the meantime I watched a movie and ate more candy!
At seven, we took our bikes down, as we were going by a shop to put air in our tires before the bicycle event, Critical Mass. When arriving at the event, there were already many people, and more would come!

We biked through the city in one large group, “reclaiming the streets”. It was a really cool experience, and we biked for maybe two hours, and a total of 20 kilometres.

In the end, we stopped by the beach, and did the Critical Mass-sign, by lifting our bikes upside down. Mine is heavy!
I talked with many people during the evening, and it was an awesome event that I would love to do again in another city. I really liked the feeling!
It was also some lightning in the air, so I tried to catch this with my camera. Sadly, I ended up with lots of black pictures, and nothing more, as I missed all of them. I managed to film it during the bike ride, though!

On the way back to the apartment it started to rain on us, but it was still 25 degrees, and nothing I minded!