A big paella (and I can sleep anywhere)

I went out to buy some bread for breakfast in the morning. I had some problems to find a bakery (found a closed one), but in the end I found someone speaking English and Spanish that could point me in the right direction (and also help me with my Spanish)!
After noon, me and Sandra got picked up by a friend if Sandra, and we went to a neighbourhood “up the hills” where another friend was making a big paella (2 meter in diameter). It was nice to try a paella that was cooked from scratch!
I was pretty tired though, and after the paella I did not really participate in the discussions, but started sleeping instead, sitting in my chair. After some time I decided to go home instead, and walked to the metro.
After being home for a while, I went to a bicycle club I had heard about on the Critical Mass. It was a nice place, and I took the chance to fine-tune some of the parts on my bicycle!

I also took a shot of my new LED I also bought at Critical Mass. Here it is in action (long shutter speed):

I also ate dinner at the club, Ronny is a really good chef!
When I was going home, I even got to borrow a small bicycle. Thanks to that, I can leave my bike, which I had to take the wheels off in order to get it into the elevator.