Today it was time for vaccination. On my way there I saw a Swedish rental car! Guess it is someone moving.

The service at the hospital was great, and after discussing what vaccines I would take, we came to the conclusion of Hepatit B, TBE, Japanese encephalitis and Typhos. To spare you, I will not post needle pictures. 😉

The total cost was only 40 euros, so really cheap also!
I went home afterwards, with some muscles aching, and washed some clothes. I watched a movie and read a little bit, not doing anything special.
In the evening, I offered to make pancakes, so we went shopping for ingredients, and then the fabulous dinner could be made!

Of course not without problems:


What should I begin with?

After some awesome pancakes, I watched another movie. Some people may think doing this trip is hard work, but I see it more as vacation!


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