Pick pocketer

I had been invited to be the model in the pictures Orion were going to do in a water park. Of course I said yes, and 0915 we were rolling in the tour bus!
On the way there I saw a big sign of a company I had been working at in Sweden a few years ago.

When we arrived at the water park, it was almost empty! The first pictures did not look that good, as it is only me in them. Pretty cool, though!

For lunch, I ate a burger that were pretty bad, with fries that were pretty good.


This burger…


It is SO bad!

After lunch, we slept in the shadow for about an hour, which was a really nice feeling! We went in some more water slides, and also took more photos.

(More photos in the end of the post!)
When back in Barcelona, we went by Orion’s place to uploaded the photos and eat some noodle soup.
On my way home, just a hundred metres from the entrance, someone tried to pick pocket me. He asked about a cigarette, and then gripped my right arm while talking with me. I put my other hand over the pocket with my mobile phone, as that was the most important/most expensive item I had with me. He started talking football, and then do some sort of football close-encounter move. I twisted away from his grip, and continued walking away. A man outside of the park started talking with me, and told me the boy had followed me for a little while, and also that my backpack was a little open. No problem for me, as all important stuff are “hidden” or locked, but maybe I could have lost my underwear or towel. I lost nothing though, so no problem in the end!

More photos!




Ice bucket challenge!





Of course some smexy showering!






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