300: This is Catalonia

After eating more pancakes, I had another lazy reading/watching movies-day, until three o’clock. I went out in a yellow shirt, took the Metro and met up with Sandra as there was 300 years ago Catalonia lost the war, but kind off continued fighting on. It was really crowded with people, everyone in yellow and red, as we in the end were going to stand in lines, in the colours of the Catalan flag!

There were only happy people out there, some even playing music, and some joined up dancing!

Sandra bought a new flag, and they are now hanging there, both of them. I still like the old one, it really looks like it has been through a “fight for the cause”!

As I felt like my body contained too much sugar, I made a dinner made of a little bit of pasta, with lots of cheese and bacon on it. Yummy!

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