Repair time!

Still waiting for the tarp!
In the meantime, this would be a repair day. I started with helping Sandra with her computer, as it had some adware (and possibly malware) on it. I got everything away though, inclusive weird toolbars and advertising!
Second, she had a JBL Spyro where the subwoofer were broken. It made really strange sounds when playing any track containing bass in it. I opened it, and there were cracks in the soft part of the cone. Sandra managed to find a shop which could repair it, though.
In the meanwhile, Orion got a note from the post office with something sent from UK. Sadly, we had not time to go and check today!
Sandra and I biked to the shop, but sadly, they could not repair it. They gave us the address to another shop, though, and that guy could! We left the speaker there, and I also asked if he had small screws, as there were three missing from my camera. He had a small bottle with random screws, and I managed to find three that would fit. Awesome!
On the way home we first went by a small bakery to buy some sweet stuff. Then we went by Decathlon where I bought the cheapest walking stick possible, to later use with my tarp.
After shopping everything needed one the way, we went home. Sandra were going have dinner with some friends, so I went to Lidl and bought a pizza and some wine (59 cent for a litre – something I wanted to test, because for that price it should not be good).
After talking with a friend over the phone 2,5 hours, me and Aiofe had a dinner/drinking party over Facebook. I was pretty tired though, and started sleeping 2230. I gotta say that the wine was pretty good (or my standards are low, and I also still like the cheap pre-made pizza (even though I am better at cooking it at my Trangia)!

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