Testing the tarp

I continued packing, so that I would be as prepared as possible. I got a no from my first Warmshovers request, but as I (for once) did this in time, I had time to send out another one, which I got a yes from!
I played a bit with the tarp on one of the terraces, and I really look forward to learn to use it with different conditions (for example without trees). One of the things I have always liked about tarps is the possibilities – it is not like a tent, which you can only pitch in one way, but instead you can make a kind of tent, just a roof, a wind shelter with floor and so on, and as they do not have built-in zippers, mosquito nets and so in, they tend to be really light (this one is about 460 grams for 3×2.9 metres – that’s awesome)!


I also ate the snickers today. They did actually not taste that good. Could be my frying, or it is not that special. Have to go to England and test sometime!

I went to get my bike from the bike club, as it would be too early to go get it at eight in the morning, and put it at Orions place instead (bigger elevator). Then, we went and had lunch/dinner at Pollo Rico, as the other place were closed.
I went home and tried to prepare the last things for tomorrow. I also tested the outdoor shower, as I had not done it so far. It was an awesome view!


Nice view!

In the evening, it was the Swedish election. Personally, I am not happy with the Swedish Democrats getting 13 %, but not much to do about it now.

Soon, it is time to leave Barcelona!

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