Bad biking start

I went and retrieved my bike, and said good bye to Orion. Back at Sandra’s place, I ate some nice oat meal with apples and stuff that she had prepared. I started packing the last things, and said good bye to Sandra as she went to work.

When I left Paris, I had a sad feeling, because I left the people I had been hanging out with for two weeks. This time it was that, the bad election and also I was probably longing for friends and family at home. As I had planned to go home for an event, that may have made a difference.
I have had some problems with depression before this trip, but during this trip I have had no real down-days. Now it felt as it came back, though, and I had a really tough morning, inclusive crying and feeling bad. It let go after some time though, at least a bit, and I thought it would be no problem.

It was really warm, with over thirty degrees, probably 33-34 as maximum today. I soaked my arm-warmers and my buff with water to keep myself cool. At one, I decided to give my tarp a quick test, and to start learning to use it in new ways!
I picked a rather bad spot, as the ground were too hard, but I managed to improvise, and got about half an hour of sleep.

Apparently, the last part of the road I was going on, was rebuilt into a bigger road (I think) and bicycles were not allowed. There were an old road parallel to it, though, and even if it was without asphalt for a part of it, I got to see this random piece if mountain at least!

Before arriving at my host’s place, I bought some food I could need.
The only one speaking English in the family was the daughter, but through my Spanish and Google Translate, we managed. I got tips about the road I should take tomorrow, and he also wanted to join for some kilometres.
We also went to a pharmacy and bought insect repellent, as I learnt from my time under the tarp that the flies are really annoying!
I got some good pasta salad and potato omelet for dinner, and I also got some really nice homemade muffin!
After the dinner, I was really tired, and went to sleep.


3 thoughts on “Bad biking start

  1. It is a good that you confront your feelings. Let them out when you need and try to find a good way to deal with them. Can imagine that bicycling alone must be like therapy. You are impressingly strong (both mentally and physically doing this journey), very brave and without a doubt a wonderful person! Keep going strong and strong is not about hiding or running away from what is frightning. You can do it! 🙂

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