I had heard wrong!

I went up late and started biking at eleven. I thought it would be short but though today, as I had understood my host that the big hills would come at the end. Instead, I had slowly downhill for 35 kilometres, so I arrived in Alcarras at 1230!
I met Pep, my host, and was invited in. I started with pitching my tent and took a shower, and then got treated lunch. He was going out for a bit, so I followed him and got a look at his farm. After that, we went and picked up two of his children at the school.
I planned for tomorrow, and as it would be more or less nothing before arriving in Zaragoza, I bought food for a couple of days, and planned to fill my water bag. There were 130 kilometres, so the plan was to do 70/60 or 80/50 per day.
I also got to eat a good dinner with the family, before going out to my tent, looking at another episode of The Pacific and then going to sleep!