Let’s go far!

I ate breakfast with the family and started biking as early as 0915, which I must say is a really good time!
After not too far, I was confused by which way would be the best to take. I saw some training cyclists, and they helped me, as they were going the same way until Fraga. During my time with them there were a pretty good uphill already, but it was really nice to have someone else to feel pushed by. After a good downhill, they were going left where I was going straight. Thank you Joakim with gang!
Soon after Fraga, there were another, much longer, uphill. When you see the trucks with warnings lights going really slow, you know it is going to be hard, and according to warning signs it was as much as 8%!
After that, it was more or less flat, though. It felt a little bit as going through a small desert, but it was really nice!

I stopped by in a small village, eating my first lunch on a park bench in the shade of the trees, with a water fountain next to me. A good place as it was still a hot day, even though the clock was only twelve.
I continued, and even though I had already climbed a couple of hundred metres in the heat, it was feeling really good. I had some tail wind that helped me on my way. It started to get really hot, and I continued drinking water.
Also, during this part, I really felt that the sadness from the earlier days has nothing to do with the biking itself – in opposite, I really enjoyed this!


Fuentes de Ebro

At three, I take another small lunch break, eating Heinz white beans in tomato sauce, when a Swedish number calls me. Apparently it is the local radio from my province at home who wants to make an interview in three parts with me. I told them that it sounds good, and after eating up, I continue biking. At this moment, I had already drunk about five liters of water, and biked 100 kilometres. There were no question about it – I would to the whole trip today instead of waiting for tomorrow!
On the last part, I met another cyclist. I spurted up to 28 km/h and after a couple of minutes I got to him, going around 25 km/h besides him. He was not going to Zaragoza though, but we had a nice small talk in spanish!
I finally arrived at my next hosts place, one day too early. I could not get ahold of him yet, as his phone was turned off, but this still marked the end of a really good biking day, ending at 131 kilometres with an average above 21 km/h, despite the climbings!
I got to borrow some internet from some guys just across the street at a Warhammer place, and I had an email. He used to hang out at a social club for bicyclists, so I went there as I had nothing else to do. It was a nice place with nice people working there!
As I could leave all my stuff inside the bicycle club, I went to the store and bought some bread and candy. I felt pretty finished after todays trip, an ate a total of 3000 kcal as a reward snack, consisting of peanuts with chocolate coating, some (ten) caramel chocolate bars and nice bread with chocolate.
I got ahold of my host thanks to mail, so he called the bike club. It was no problem for me getting here one day early, but he would be busy until 1900. I continued surfing the web and watching movies until he appeared, and we went to a radio station that was squated, which I think is pretty cool! Every thursday they are doing a bicycle program, which was for one hour this time.


Afterwards we was a group who went to a park to continue socializing, and after that, it was home to sleep!

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