Hitch-hiking home for a small break

I had already planned to go he for a small break, but maybe for just five days, and not two weeks. When I got the idea to hitch-hike, I wanted to go earlier, as I really wanted my days at home.
Therefore, this day, I went out at 0730, and continued walking. The bad thing was that I was at the wrong side of the city. On my way to the north side, I therefore changed my plan from Irun to Barcelona, and went out on the same road I entered the city by.
It took some time to walk out, but when I was down on the big road, it did not take many minutes before a trucker picked me up! The clock was 0930, so it was still pretty early.
The trucker was from Slovenia, and we tried to speak at English, before I actually started falling asleep, which he did not seem to mind.

He was not going the whole way to Barcelona, but 180 kilometres, before dropping me off after two hours.
This time, it felt harder finding someone, but I continued asking around, holding out my sign, until 1350 when a Spanish man living in Madrid told me I could go with him. He was going to do some work, and dropped me off at a good petrol station along the highway at 1445.
There, I met another hitch-hiker in the 40’s. The guy were going home to Germany. It was a good spot though, because he found a trucker half an hour later, and at 1525 a Polish trucker looking like Daniel Craig picked me up! Same thing here, it was hard communicating, but we had a really fun time. While listening on the radio with bad reception I connected my iPhone instead, and we listened on my usual mix of Swedish metal, trance and Eurovision.

We went pretty far, another 250 kilometres, before he was not allowed to drive more, and let me off 1850 at a petrol station before he continued to the parking lot he was going to stay at over night. He sees a little sad when the good music disappeared though!
Now in Paris, I bought a baguette which I ate with my Nutella. I then continued asking around and trying to get picked up, and after 50 minutes already a guy told me he was going north, so I got another 100 kilometres, and got dropped off at another petrol station at 2100. At 2140 I got picked up by a nice pair who were going to a reggae festival, and I would have loved to join if I did not really feel like coming to Paris the next day. I got another 50 kilometres at least, but it was getting too late, as the time was 2200 when I got dropped of.
I continued asking around, but as it was Saturday, most truckers had to rest the day after. I did meet two nice truckers I had met earlier during the day, though, so I spoke with them in English and German. As I did not have a tent or anything with me, they offered me a place in the trailer, and I gotta say, I slept really well in there! Too bad I had forgot my socks, but I wrapped my feet in my scout shirt, and kept warm. Cool day!


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