Hitch-hiking day two, Paris

I woke up at 0700, from this (actually cozy) place:


Looking like this:

I started trying to hitch-hike by asking people, and then standing by the road. The aim was Paris, to meet Aoife. After half an hour I decided to buy more breakfast, and then return to the road, so I could eat while hiking. On my way out of the station, holding my sign, a man waved to me, actually looking pretty tired and grumpy. He told me that I could go with him if I did not sleep in the car, and that he was going all the way to Paris. No problem for me! The clock was 0840, and the journey started.
He was actually taking the flight home, but as there were an strike at the airport, he booked a new flight from Paris and a rental car to get there. He was a teacher in economics, and a really interesting person. More than just a ride, I am sure he gave me insight and new thoughts, which is harder to get. As we had many hours to talk, we talked about mostly everything.

He was going to stop at a bath house for some swimming, as he has been driving pretty far. Apparently, the big pool was closed, though, so we continued driving.
We stopped for some small breaks, and also lunch (which he even treated me), but it went pretty fast anyway, and at 1545 I was dropped off in Paris, not far from Port d’Itali. On the metro I met an Iranian guy who was an exchange student, and I asked some questions about the country from his point of view! I went to met Aoife at a friend of her’s place, for dinner and some movies. We had an orchestra on our glasses!

Afterwards, we went to Aoife’s kind of hostel place to sleep!


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