Hitch-hiking, day five, Sweden

At seven I went into the service station, as I was freezing. After getting my heat up, I started hitch-hiking, with my sign to get to the harbour. I also had my Swedish flag, and thanks to that, a Lithuanian trucker picked me up, as he was going by Sweden on his way to Norway.

He was going by boat, and I went with him to try. Apparently you have to pay by driver, and not by truck, but with two meals and sauna included, I didn’t mind.
While waiting for the boat, the called for the second interview, which you can listen to here:
The food was nice, and the trucker also. Too bad I screwed it up during when going off the boat. I had a another driver to go with, and long story short, I lost my jacket, my scout shirt and some other stuff. It was already half past eight, when I decided to just stop it. I called a friend in Malmö (who at first thought I was in Spain and needed help) and went from Trelleborg to Malmö by bus, and stayed at Eli’s place for the night. I had a really good time, so I did not really care that I missed my hitch-hike, and as I was really close, I would probably just take the train tomorrow.