During my stay home, 26-30

This will be a summary of my stay home!
I was on the third interview, link:

Shaved off my “moustache”:


I repaired some punctured Expeds we had at home, and in the evening I met Dennis!

On the day I went over to my grandmother and grandfather in Arboga to have lunch with them, as I don’t get many chances to visit them when on the road!
In the evening I hanged out with Wilson and people at a party, even though I went home “early” at eleven (maybe a little bit tired).

I went over to my apartment to fix some things in my room, and hanged out a couple of hours with Martin who is renting the rest of it.
In the evening I had dinner with the family.

The 29th, I started with going down to the police station to get a new passport (I had problem getting into a camping in Andorra; there may be countries who won’t let me in). In the evening I hanged out with Martin in the apartment.


Nice color!

A trip at UM before going to eat lunch with my brother Tim at Nya Hattfabriken, and afterwards getting some help with domain-stuff for the blog.
Spent the afternoon at our action bath, Kokpunkten, with some guys from LTD!

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