During my stay home, 1-4

As I had lost some clothes, my mother and I went to Haglöfs in Stockholm to get some new. Sadly they only had black in the shop, so we bought some reflexive tape on Clas Ohlson in Västerås.
In the evening Demonen was over!

I booked tickets to Madrid and also booked vaccination in Madrid.
In the evening I went to Astrid’s apartment!

My neighbour had invited me to speak at Rotary, so I went there for lunch and then spoke about my trip, planning and everything else around it.


I can look serious!

Afterwards, I went to Staffan, a scout friend of mine, as he had a birthday gathering (good timing).
I continued with going into the city to a café with Tony, and in the evening I went to the disco Bad Taste, meeting up with loads of people I had not met in a couple of months.

The 4th, I actually had a resting day, feeling sick, not being able to eat as much as I should which was a pity, as we had a really good dinner with the whole family gathered.