During my stay home, 5-7

It was time for Sjöslaget, and at eight I went with some student friends from different cities by car to Stockholm. Me and Astrid competed in the Sjöslagscapsen, and lost big time!
Went to the terminal of the ferry, and met tons of friends everywhere. Got a nice ring from Torun!

Partied, met new people, bought liquorice. Saw a bit of Dunderpatrullen live.

The day after, off the boat, and on again with some other crazy friends.


The 7th, getting off.


That is 2.6 kg candy.
I am ready to go back!

Eating pizza with the others, less sick than I was when I walked on the boat, but with a hurting foot instead.
Went home to Skade as I was going to sleep at her place before taking the airplane back.