Vaccination time!

I went up 0750, took a shower and went down to eat breakfast. It sucked, as I thought for the price, but much better than nothing!
After packing my stuff, I checked out (and got 2 euros back for the towel).
I went to the hospital, and most things went fine. “Sadly” it was not a “social insurance” hospital, so my EU-cars did not work. It costed 158 instead of 40 euros, but still cheaper than home!
After that I took the bus to Zaragoza, and when Quico came home, I managed some route-planning and stuff. I also sent out some posts about finding a companion, if there were anyone biking “close” to me.
I got treated a delicious dinner he and his friends were having, before I went to sleep. I did still not feel like biking, though.

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