It may be the end

This was what I posted on October 11th during the turning point, and may mainly been seen as “historical curiosa”!

“I am long after in the posting, and I will make those posts later. Now, about the present problem.

I really don’t feel like continuing the trip. Ever since Barcelona, it has not felt good anymore. Maybe because that was my first main goal, and now I feel done. Whichever reason, I am tired. Sad. Got no motivation. The only time it felt good yesterday was after putting up camp and started sleeping (at 17.00). I think the main reason is loneliness. I have had no problems biking by myself until Barcelona, but I don’t feel like doing it anymore.

I have met many wonderful people on the way, which has made this trip awesome. The problem is that I am still lonely after continuing.

I have not made my mind up yet, and my direction is “North Portugal”. We’ll see what happens.”

4 thoughts on “It may be the end

  1. bonding with so múch people is great fun, but all goodbyes are bound to take a lot of energy. maybe more tenting is the thing?? or leaving your gear temporarily to go home to work for some months, would improve finances and motivation…
    your trip is a great inspiration!

    • I’ve tried tenting, but that only feels better at the point my tent is up and I can sleep, the rest of the day is still the same. I usually need people around me, so I think I should plan for a dual- or group trip!

  2. Hang in there!
    När du ändå är på väg mot nordväst kan du göra ett besök i Santiago de Compostela. De är ett stort vallfärdsmål i nordvästra Spanien, och är inte så förskräckligt långt från gränsen till Portugal.
    En vanlig rutt dit är att börja i Bilbao och följa kusten tills E70 svänger av söderut.

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