Preliminary end plan

This was what I posted on October 11th during the turning point, and may mainly been seen as “historical curiosa”!

“My other blog posts will appear in the future.

I jump Portugal, and aim for Morocco directly, as that is a country I really want to bike through (Portugal did not feel as special). On my way there I even got checkpoints if I don’t feel to do Morocco; Madrid in a couple of days, then Malaga is pretty close to the border, and after that the airport in Morocco is not that far.

Making this change made everything feel better, even though the roads today sucked harder than ever before (mud that stops the wheels from turning), so I am pretty sure it is the right thing to do. We’ll see, my plans is never precise!”

6 thoughts on “Preliminary end plan

  1. or Madrid, then Lisboa. Gibraltar and Marocco.
    you can take a ferry there, maybe piggybacking with an 18-wheeler.

    Here is some inspiration for you, Russian-Californian Alex Mumzhiu who has made journeys across the globe. He has a foldable Brompton, I have one as well and would not hesitate to use it on the trip you have been through so far, it is really that good a bike. Alex is away a few months at a time and then go home to live a normal life. He used to go by mainly public transport and have the bike as a commuter locally, but has been biking more and more. For example to the base-camp for Mount Everest.

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