Cold day

I made breakfast and packed my things at the same time (still cooking indoors).

in less than one hour I was ready to go, and at ten, I started rolling. It was pretty chilly outside, so I put on some extra clothes from the beginning.
It was windy, but not as much as yesterday, but much colder. I had no big problems though, biking 45 minutes and resting about 15. I put on more clothes, and also my wind/water protection on my feet, so that I could keep warm. Of course the road was not plain, but better than yesterday!



Yepp, getting pretty high

A little more rain, and after 40 kilometres I was in Soria! Now, to find my host.
I sent out a SMS, and then made lunch. As I had no answer yet, I tried to find Internet, and that took time. On the way I borrowed a phone to call my host, but his phone seemed to be off. At least I found a toilet at the bus station, but I could not connect to the Internet.
On my way through the city, I saw a medieval market, that gave me vibes from home!





On my way to Lidl I saw a McDonalds sign, and almost at the same time, an unprotected network. Apparently a car dealer has a customer network that worked great from 30 metres away!
I sent out the messages on Couchsurfing and started fiddling with other stuff, and got the idea that I should be able to find the address in Spain, too. It worked, and I only got one hit, so I went the 3 kilometres with my bike. After going back and forth, I finally found the right house, and… No one home. The village were small, though, so I asked around to confirm the house. In a nearby bar a guest spoke English and with her help I could confirm the house. After two calls, I also managed to get to him, so that I at least knew he was coming here for tonight. He was not going to be here for a few hours, but not all plans could be perfect. In the meantime I wrote about seven blog posts, dried my tent, drank a cup of tea in the bar, made dinner and spoke with some nice locals!

When he and Paula, his girlfriend, arrived, I got to put my tent in a dry place outside, which would be really good as it was not yet completely dry.
They were really nice, and it is a little bit sad that I couldn’t meet them more. They made some nice fungal food and Paula also arranged a Couchsurfing spot for me in Madrid. Awesome!