Getting to warmer levels

I slept until ten as I was not in a hurry, with 78 kilometres and more or less downhill to get there. Ate breakfast and wrote some blog before checking out, going by the restaurant to check my e-mails.
I started biking, and it was more or less spraying water with a really thick mist. When I got a little lower, the mist disappeared, which I was happy for as I don’t know how visible I am even though the red, orange and reflective parts on my bag, plus my red bike lamp.
I had headwind all day, but with mainly a little bit of downhill, I still managed to go around 17 km/h. I also passed by this exit on the way!

I also know that even if the weather was bad, cold and not so fun to bike in, there is always someone having it worse than you.

Getting into Guadalajara, I saw this big statue, welcoming in a roundabout:

I first went to a Lidl as my breakfast was out, before heading to my host. She welcomed me, and after loading my stuff into the apartment, she showed me around the city, until my left foot started hurting too bad.
Back at the apartment, I applied for four courses, so I know that I will have something to do if I go home. I then talked to Astrid, which apparently took over an hour. Time flies!
Alicia had two friends visiting for dinner. The dinner was nice, a potato soup and a salad with apples and stuff. All of those three are bikers, so we had things to speak about.
After the dinner I put the reflective tape on my jacket, so that I will be even more visible if I have to bike in the dark!