South time!

I went up at 0930, and started fixing my bike while trying to get Asha and Dominic up. They went and shopped ingredients while I put on a new tube and some oil on my bike.
When they came back, I started making awesome pancakes while people were playing with my camera.


The pancakes were being made, and as usual, I do never do too few pancakes!

We had many things to choose from!



Not everyone knows
how to eat pancakes.

It was a pretty crazy morning that was really funny, or maybe not morning as it was twelve o’clock. The weather were really nice, so a perfect pancake morning!

After the long breakfast I started packing, and Dominic and Asha helped me get all the things down.


This picture reminds me
of the movie Leon!

At 1340 I started biking to my next stop, Toledo!

It was warm and sunny, and the wind were good, more or less zero. On the way I saw really many bunnies, apparently they are living by the road side!


They were really hard to catch on photo; this is their homes, the small holes in the wall!

It went pretty fast with not many stops on the way, but on one of the stops I ate the chocolate Dominic and Asha had been cute enough to buy for me!

At 1730 I was at the meeting place, and met up with Angeles!
She and her flatmate were really nice and easy to talk to. After a shower and some food, we went shopping for some food for me, and drinks for the evening.
When they were going out, I was too tired from the biking and not sleeping much the night before, so I stayed in bed instead. That felt as a smart idea 12 hours later, I think I really needed that sleep!