I caught the same thing as him

After a nice morning with a big breakfast, and getting both sandwiches, coca-cola, fruit and cheese for lunch, I started at 1010. I weighted my bike before leaving, and it was 55,6 kilo! It will be fun to see how low I can go next time instead of making it ultra-comfortable. 🙂
I had decided to get down to some friends near Gibraltar until Friday, which according to the GPS would be 419 kilometres in four days. Doable, even though there would be hills in the way, and I knew it would be more kilometres.


A really nice guy!

The first 28 kilometres were (relatively) flat, and I met an old gentleman on the way whom I talked with for a few kilometres, before the hills started and he headed right.
It went uphill to approximately 850, down to 650, up to 900, down, up, down to 500… During the day I climbed approximately 1000 metres. The views were great though!


A break with some sheep
in the background


Down there I had a break!

I usually took my pauses in valleys, so that I can start with energy when I continue uphill.


Awesome me!

On the way (at my 5600 kilometre, actually) I met another bike tourer during an uphill. Richard had a flat earlier, and now had a bump in his tire he could not get away. I think I got something from him, as my following days would be really bad flat-wise!
I ate lunch in a village where I found water and shadow. It consisted of tortellini and some of the cheese Ramon gave me.
More uphill, but at least more good views!



I can’t sadly catch how
astounding the views were

Close to the end of the day, I had a really awesome descent. Going between 60-65 for five kilometres with really awesome views, I just didn’t care about filming but instead just enjoyed the moment so much. It was awesome!
I had to check the GPS so that I did not choose the wrong way in the long run. I had already taken many kilometres but decided to keep going a bit more as it was not close to dark yet (and I was going to wild camp). It was hard to find a good spot, and I got many kilometres (128 in total) but I found a spot I decided was good enough, as it did not seem to be a place anyone cared about. It was just beside a small road, but apparently not a perfect place. No one disturbed me really, but a few cars seemed to stop to take a look, as I woke up to this more than once.