Really crappy roads – no rest for me

During the night I got Mosquitos in the tent, probably when I went to the toilet. As they woke me up, I tried to get as many out as possible before killing the few left (I got seven of them).
And the morning started with a flat.
As it was a slowly one (all the air had yet to get out of the tube) I made the decision to take my chances and just pump it up. I ate breakfast and packed my stuff, and found this “small” one sitting on the tent.

It was another hilly day, as South of Spain apparently is. After refilling air and water I continued biking, with a couple of hundred meters up, a couple of hundred down and then repeat. One part was hellish, as there were more than 7%, and no asphalt. I had problems with traction, but I did not give up, and after a couple of hours I were through it. At least I got some more good views!

The downhill were not to enjoy, though, as the roads still sucked.
At a petrol station I bought candy and nuts as I needed more energy. The air cost money, though, so I continued adding some air by hand every second hour.
There were more hills, and from the start at 404 meters, the highest point I passed was 887 meters. I probably ascended more than the total of 850 metres I got numbers on, a and it was hard, but I got closer and closer to the south coast, so sometime I have to get it back!


I passed through many high mountain villages during these days.

I was going to refill my water from a fountain a man said was drinkable, but a woman gave me 1,5 litre instead, and the taste difference were big, so I didn’t mind!
I bought more food in Ronda and refilled my stock of small energy. I got some wifi from a McDonalds and checked out the camping just south of Ronda. It seemed reasonable prices at ten euro, and I would be able to have a shower.
I went there, and apparently the price on the website were wrong. I didn’t really have the energy to argue (it was eight and dark) and at least the staff were nice. After eating my dinner, I went to the restaurant to use their wifi, and bought a plate of spaghetti carbonara as a second dinner. I am happy I did that, because tomorrow would be hard!