It can always get worse!

The puncture has gotten worse during my last kilometre yesterday. Now, the air wouldn’t stay for more than a couple of seconds, but that also gave me the chance to find the flat! I put a repair patch on it, as that would also reinforce the rubber, and maybe hold up for the whole day. After fixing that, I started just an hour late. It was already warm, though, and I started with a 250 metre steep climb…
It felt so sucky, and my legs were so tired after five days of biking. There and then, I thought about hitching a ride, and I broke down in tears for a little while. I am bad at giving up, though, and continued upward.
Of course, everything felt better when up. This was the last day, and going to the coast, all the height metres would be given back. I went down for a short while, up a little more and took a break at a looking point.
There, I met a German pair who were really nice. I spoke with them for a while, and then continued.
I stopped counting height metres, and just pushed on through small village after village. Even if the uphill were still really bad sometimes, I could see the kilometres count down, and I saw an end, a rest!


I thought it was a mountain of Morocco, but later learnt that it was Gibraltar I saw!

After one village, I had two ways to choose from. I took my chances, and I will not know if it was the best one. I went down pretty quick to 90 metres, and then had to climb up to 450 again. Even though, I had less than 40 kilometres left, and just continued. A racer bicyclist helped me with choosing the most flat at the next place, and suddenly I was at the coast!
After buying some crisps to have something to eat, I continued. Now, it was really flat, and I got tailwind. The kilometres started dropping even faster! I went through some areas I am not sure if I am allowed to, as there were gates for the cars (but I went over the grass). It was the rich part, and suddenly my GPS had led me into a golf course. After biking through an “employees only” area, I was met by a gate only people living there could open. No one was there, so after a small pause I had to go back. Hate to break this rule!
From 7 I went up to 10 kilometres left. Then, when I was going out of the golf course, the other gate was closed… Trapped on a golf course?!
I spoke with some people living there and got let out.
On my new way I met a biker I talked a bit with, and it helped me push through some uphills. He told me about the way where I was going, with one big and one small hill left, and less than five kilometres!
After pushing through it, and some trouble finding the place, I was now in Martina’s and Michael’s apartment. I met them two months ago on the Paris Rendevouz, and Martina had read my blog and offered to host me. I was now really dead in my whole body, but a really good dinner helped cure that!