We woke up at seven as Martina and Michael were going to work.

I followed them as they work in Gibraltar and that gave me a chance to shop for what I needed and explore Gibraltar.
I started with taking the cable car to the top.


I went by the outlook points and got a good view of Algeciras, where I will take the ferry from, and also Gibraltar+Spain.

Then, I found a monkey!

And more monkeys.


And one who tried to snatch me!


A monkey started climbing up at my head when I was ten years old. Now, I fled.

I then took the bus to the south point of Gibraltar, the European point. I bought some ice cream and took a look around. I think this may be the biggest mosque in Europe.

Then, it was shopping time. I did not find a good book I wanted in the small book store, but I found some postcard in another store (which was easy).
I went by a bike shop to buy some tubes and then went back to the car.


This is actually the first border crossing where I had to show my passport.

After waiting a bit at the beach with some coca-cola first Martina appeared, and a bit later Michael. We went home, and I fell asleep two hours on the sofa, to be woken up by more pizza and soup made. Yummy!

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