First sightseeing day in Morocco

I went out for breakfast, and bought some round bread and some triangle-things with chicken in it. Delicious!
After walking around for a while, I found a tea cafe with wifi, so I stayed there for a while. I met a middle-aged guy who started speaking with me, and treated me a glass of orange juice. Mfodal also showed me around for a bit, and I don’t think he wanted money from me, but was a nice guy. Not that I can know, as I am pretty paranoid about that as a tourist.
On the way to the hotel, a friend of his started talking to him, and he was on his way to a big market. I followed him, Ahmed, and this guy was more of a false-guide. He told me he would do this without wanting to get paid, and he showed me some nice places.


He took me to a top, which I admittedly wouldn’t have found without his help, and took some pictures.


He also showed me a tannery, where a guy seemed angry about the photos,

and a place where they were crafting things from the leather.

Then, he showed me an old place, I think it was Berber. What I didn’t know was that I was led right into a carpet-seller.





They view was free!

He started showing me carpets, of course after treating me tea, and I was trapped. They were beautiful, and I ended up buying two. Of course his starting price were pretty high, probably because of white-tourist-Sweden, but I got it down to about 1/5, and more importantly, to a price which I think was fair (500 Dirhams, about 425 Swedish) for one small mat, and one big (3×2 metres or something) kind of carpet-something. I can’t really feel tricked about this, so I guess it was a good price for me. The only thing I regret is that I should have done this in the end of the trip, now I will have to bike with those for a month!
Also, the whole experience was really cool, actually, so I don’t mind.
When I came down, Ahmed was waiting for me. I was pretty tired, so I went back to the hotel (he wanted me to look at other stuff, spices for example, but I felt that I shouldn’t buy anything right then). He asked for a tip, but when I said no, he didn’t get angry or anything (he actually said no money in the beginning).


I think this is the entrance to a children’s mosque.

I went out again a bit later to shop for food, and also found more cool places to take pictures of. There were another guy starting to talk with me, who if course wanted to show me things. I was headed the same way, so couldn’t really get from him. He asked for money for his autistic son (that was probably true, his son were with him) but I said no, and went in another direction. Now, I had no clue about where I was, but I had time.
On my way walking around I found a market which I had biked past the first day.

I also saw those nice colours, which are used for colouring the building, as I understood it.

After asking around a bit here and there, I finally found my way back to the royal palace.

My hotel is close to the palace, and I was in time for tea!
Also, they had fixed the wifi, so I could start uploading pictures and all that stuff again.


The alley


The entrance


People in the main room smoking stuff


Roof in main room


Some old wall, or something


My room to the left


My room

It was small and cheap, and I really liked the people working there! The quality was so-so, but as Nordin, one of the guys working there said, “This is Africa!”

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