Random encounter

After eating bizarra for breakfast I started again.
For a few kilometres I had a race with a tractor which couldn’t surpass 25; no problem for me with a little bit of downhill, but it was faster uphill.
When I ate lunch, I was going to ate some of my dates. Too bad I found this little guy inside on one of the dates.

I decided not to eat the rest.
Passing some small villages, and in one of them some children apparently tried to open my bag. I thought he was just pulling on the bike (he let go when I saw him) but I later saw that my bag was open; everything still there, though.
Also, some children who were throwing small gravel at my (it’s good with biking glasses). I braked and stepped off of my bike, and they ran away pretty fast!
In one village, a French man stopped his car and asked “What are you doing?” “Biking Sweden-Agadir.”
When I decided it was time to get a hotel or something, I spoke with a man who told me there were none. I was approached by another man, Alemir, who invited me to his home 10 kilometres away up on the mountainside. We sat down, drank tea and talked until his ride was ready.
Out of the village, another kid threw a stone. Many stone throwers today…
After five kilometres, I found Alemir on the point he had described. We started getting up the last five, him walking and me biking slowly. The last bit was really steep and as the rear wheel lost traction I started pushing the bike, with help from Alemir.

I was apparently going to live in a friend of Alemir’s house. It was a french woman, named Doudou. I don’t think he told her beforehand, but she seemed OK with it!
After eating a little bit, I was going to take a shower, and they had a place with “hot” water. I and Alemir went up into the village, bought some groceries, greeted many people and drank some tea, and I also took a shower. I would describe the water as ice cold, but better than nothing! Also, it was more of a tap with a big bucket underneath it.
Also, the shower were outside, which was pretty nice.
We went back to the house to make dinner.

Some sort of tagine I guess, made out of potatoes and stuff. Nice was it at least!
After eating and talking I was really tired, and by ten I was sleeping!


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