When the rain hurts

In the morning, we went for another tour around the city, and I took the chance to take some photos!
My bed (even though I had a blanket),

My shower from last night

which was now a work place,

The view, with a mountain lake

And me and Alemir!

The school on the right

and their standard help when moving stuff from A to B!

After eating some breakfast I started again. The wind was really strong, and as the road went in all directions I soon had headwind. Pushing in 8 km/h while the rain hurts your face is not fun, and I seriously started thinking of hailing a taxi. I am too proud though, so I continued pushing in the 18 m/s wind, according to Internet.
Soon, I had taken 9 out of 43 kilometres, and also the road went more to the north, meaning tailwind. It started feeling doable, and so I continued pushing. It felt nice and actually went pretty good considering the weather, but suddenly the signs changed. Instead of 12 kilometres left, I suddenly had the double, 24! I didn’t let myself down of this, and the road were actually pretty flat, with the wind a little bit in my favour!
After asking my way to the Blue Gate, I started looking for a hotel. I knew the rooms would be pretty expensive, and had a hard time finding anything under 100 even for the shittiest. In the end I settled for 40 dirham for living on the terrace – at least I had a roof over my head for a cheap price!
I went out to eat, and ate more snail soup, and also bread stuffed with potato, egg and some sauce. I also met some nice people I chatted with for a while.
As I wanted tea I tried to find a good place. Most places here were 10 dirham, but I managed to find a place that I could bargain it down to 5. I spoke some more with the people at this place, before going back to the hotel and sleep on the terrace!

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