Sending some stuff home

When I woke up, I started with ordering a tea from Roshid. Delivered to the bed is really good!
Then, it was time to wash my clothes, as you never now when you will have the chance next time!

I went out, bought food and checked the rates to send things home. Later, I went out again for more food, and also got a button sewed back on my shirt!
During my random wandering, I saw a Tilley-hat! The owner was Terry, a man from Canada, here on vacation with Helen (who also owned a Tilley hat). I had a nice chat with them before continuing.
I then biked to UPS to send home some stuff. I forgot my passport so halfway there I had to get back and retrieve it.

I sent home two carpets, a solar panel, one t-shirt, one pair of biking shirts, a pair of socks, three pair of underwear, one knee protector and some other small stuff. I sent it in my back pack, a total of 4.5 kilos, and in that way I freed up space on the back rack. Thanks to that, I can move back my tent, which will make the handling of the bike easier.
It was a real hassle at the UPS office though, as they had some “new procedures”. After two hours my things were more or less on the way, though!
I got a tip about a bike shop, so I went there in the way back. 70 dirham for pedals+montage (=almost nothing). Too bad they broke after 20 metres, and as I told him to change back (“No, I don’t want another pair of this crappy pedals!”) he gave me 50 back (because of “montage cost”). I guess I will stick with my plastic pedals.
I came back to the “Blue Gate” (which is actually green from the inside) and the hotel close to sunset.


I went out for dinner, and I got the offer to eat a full menu at a restaurant close to the hotel for 40 dirham instead of 70. I had talked with him a few times before as he saw me coming with the bike, and had promised me a good price, and I think the price was fair! At the restaurant I met an Italian and an English living in Barcelona which I chatted with during the dinner.
Back at the hotel, there were five more people going to live at the terrace, so I was not alone out there anymore.


Restaurant kitchen to the left, sleeping corner to the right


Sleeping corner to the left,
bike to the right