As I had lived here two nights, I thought I would be able haggle the price down a bit on a room. I also wanted to get inside because of the cold, and to be able to spread my stuff out.
I asked about a cheap room, and the small room were available for 50 dirham (40 for the terrace) so that felt like a no-brainer!


Small, but it is a room!

During the morning I spoke in the phone for a while, and made some adventure plans with Jakob for 2015. I will probably join up on some 4×4 car-adventure through Kyrgyzstan-Kazakstan-Siberia for a couple of weeks in the summer!
I made more walking adventures, and found a good place to buy bath things for the hamam. I both “black soap”, a exfoliating glove and some argan oil.

I bought some dinner at my favourite place. The guy is named Omar, and he makes sandwiches stuffed with with you choose (potato, egg, sauce and spice for me). Now, I don’t even have to order, as he knows what I want, and I just have to walk up to him and wait. We can’t speak because of the language barrier, but it is nice anyway!

I went on more exploring and found a market really close to my hotel, where they as usual sold everything from fruit to jeans.


In the evening I went to a hamam, a Turkish bath. I paid for “all inclusive”, including massage, for a total of 70 dirham.
It started with getting to the hot room, and getting some buckets of water over me. Then, the man (I really had to do nothing by myself) gave me a sort of stretching massage. After that, I got soaped in (I still didn’t have to do anything) and sat for a few minutes before he started scrubbing my body. Tons of dead skin were scrubbed off, and after that, a few more buckets of water. Some clay shampoo in the hair, waiting some more minutes and then some more buckets of water before done. I guess it all took about 45 minutes, and the only thing I did by myself was the shampoo, as he filled the buckets and everything. It was a really nice experience (even though I guess some people can feel weird when another person is putting soap and scrubbing your body while you both are in your underwear, but it is common here).
After that, I felt really relaxed!