Time to get sick

I woke up, feeling sick. Feverish and a little bit like a cold, without any energy in my body. Could probably be because I haven’t slept much (been watching series), and the weather doesn’t exactly help.
I went up at twelve, and ate some breakfast. I then went out with the polish guys and I found another, smaller scarf I really liked and would be more suitable for the biking part, so now I have started collecting scarfs!
They were going to the tanning colouring place, but as I felt dead, I went back to the hotel. I ate bizarra on the way as I think soup will be good against the cold.
Back at the hotel, I talked with two Germans. They were also really nice. While talking with them, I spotted a bag at the pair sitting in the corner… I went over and asked, and yupp, they were biking from France to South Africa! Really cool.
Later in the evening, sitting tucked up in the sofa with some blankets, I heard some french guys saying “BRAVO!” I really recognised the way the said it, and asked if they had been in Tetouan. I then asked if they had been at Hotel Africa, and they had! Tha Bravo guy (Nordin) really is famous!
I continued sitting and talking with the Germans, with the only movement really being when I went out to buy two breads for the awesome salad they made, and treated me. It was good to eat something else, and also something that really seemed healthy overall.
In the evening, I finally watched he ending of the series, and now I can maybe sleep more!