Coldest place in Africa

Me and Andrew went out and ate bizarra and bought some food for the day. I said goodbye to Rochdi and then we started biking!

We drank tea at a gas station and ate a chicken lunch in Imouzzer before doing the last climb. It was already getting cold, but Ifrane would get colder! After the last climb, we had climbed 1300 metres.
In Ifrane we tried to find the cheap hotel we had seen on the Internet, but their map was wrong (we came to a park). Some man told us that it was only downhill to Azrou, but as we were really tired we tried to find another hotel, even though we knew Ifrane is an expensive place.
We asked some guys, and got led to an apartment. It was not that expensive though, probably because it was off season, but the place was pretty nice!



We made some toddy to get the heat up before going out in the small town buying some food for the evening and tomorrow.

As we had a kitchen, we made some cous-cous with tuna.
A friend of Andrew told him over Internet that we apparently were at the coldest place in Africa (Google it if you want to). Didn’t expect that, but it was cold with 3 degrees Celsius in the night!

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