We started pretty late, and really slowly, with many pauses for changing clothes, coffee and other random things the first 15 kilometres.

We also saw someone selling apples, 10 dirham per kilo. We asked to buy one apple each, and he didn’t even want to let us pay, so we got them for free. In exchange we gave them Andrews not-so-good cookies, which they seemed to like.
We soon started our ascent to the second top. The ascent was fairly easy, and only 500-something metres, even though it was pretty cold. Some guy reached out some dates for us in the middle of the hill! We ate lunch on the top before beginning our next descent.

On the way between the top and Rich, we stopped to buy cola at a cafe. The guy wanted 10 per cola, which seemed to be too much, and settled for five without any more discussion. I guess he didn’t have that many customers!
After that, we had over 20 kilometres of mild downhill, and soon it was only 15 kilometres left!

Andrew saw a bike which resembled a touring bike, so we went in to check out who owned the bike. We met a guy we couldn’t really speak with, and decided to continue.
Suddenly, the guy was biking behind us, talking about photos, and we thought he wanted a photo of us as he started showing a bunch of photos for us. Then, he started talking about us staying at his place, so we decided to follow him home!


Hakim was living with his parents, his sister and his brother, and they also had his niece as visitor. We didn’t really do much more than enter before we had a plate of schmim and a big bread in front of us as a first meal.

Some time after that, we got another meal, couscous. Everything tasted delicious, and all the time he was telling us “Mange!” (French for “Eat!”).

In the night, we slept at what I think is a real Moroccan bed, as everyone was sleeping on those. Really nice experience!

2 thoughts on ““Mange!”

  1. Vad trevligt det verkar vara i Marocko! Har inte kollat på länge, men värst vad du trampar på. Kul att du har sällskap nu också 😀

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