After breakfast, taking down camp and go by a petrol station for toilet/water, we continued our ride.

Our first stop was Source de Bleue, close to Meski, after 20 kilometres. Andrew and Sam took a bath, and we had some tea at the usual place where they try to sell you things (I found a third scarf, really small, that I would like to use while going uphill so the sweat keep out of my eyes).

We continued, and sadly missed a small 5 kilometre detour which would have taken us through a cool valley. We got a nice view of it, though!

I had gotten a tip about a natural geyser on the way, so that was the next place we stayed at. There were one big geyser, which was made artificial (I think they just drilled a hole) and a couple of small ones (camel for scale).


Next camping stop would be Erfoud. When going into a small store to do some shopping, a man which seemed like he had some sort of drug in his body (or were just crazy) started screaming at Alicia because she had biked too close or something. He looked really angry and I though he was going to start a fight; especially when he started touching my bike and gear. A local came to our rescue, though; he told the man to go away, and apologised for the man’s behaviour. This was a much nicer man, who had lived really close to where Alicia lives (think it was 100 metres between the houses) but now he was back in Morocco.
After buying what we needed, we went outside the city to pitch camp, and I started trying to make tea. After five pots I learnt a bit, at least!
Because of the good place I took the chance to use my tarp, and even if it was raining during the night, it was really nice. I was a little bit afraid that the barking dogs would get closer, but no problem!