Into the desert

After breakfast we said goodbye to Alicia and Sam. We also met them 20 minutes later when we went to buy something to drink and they had to use a computer at the computer cafè. Last french people!
At four o’clock, we left the hotel on the back of a couple of camels. The ride was not pleasant, so I will probably not do it again. My rear really hurt more than after 100 kilometres in the saddle!





I can ride backwards!

After one stop to see the sunset, we arrived in a small village. We got served tea in one of the Berber tents, and also dinner, with some fruits as dessert!

Then, he taught us to play on some sort of drums, which was really hard, but we got some sounds of it at least!
Finally, we also were far away from the city lights. My camera couldn’t capture the beauty, but beautiful it was!


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