More soup!

Sam went and bought bread, and then we ate breakfast on the roof. I cooked more tea, and it seems like you really need a high amount of sugar for Moroccan tea. Andrew and I went with a grand taxi to Rissani (four people in the back seat, three in the front seat) as I needed to withdraw money. There were no ATMs in Merzouga…
We also went by the market, and we ate some sort of “Berber pizza” for lunch (which be haggled down from 49 to 25 per person).
I also bought some sort of dry perfume at the market, and Andrew bought soap.
On the way back, there were not that many people to fill the taxi. We met a Chinese Canadian who also were going back to Merzouga, and we decided to pay for the extra back seat space, which also gave us more space.
We invited him to follow us as we were going to climb the top of the sand dune in the evening, so our soup of people got bigger for a while!
It was a really nice view up there. Apparently, we were also very courageous, as some guy in a 4×4 went to the top and screamed “ONLY THE ONES WITH COURAGE MAKES IT TO THE TOO!”







Afterwards, we went to eat dinner, and Jake, a friend of Andrew arrived. He would follow me and Andrew on a camel trek the next day!

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