Resting days ahead

I don’t know how interesting it will be to read those, but at least they are short!

Still feeling sick and tired, spending most of the time in bed. It’s raining outside, and the roof lets water through. Not the best room so far!
As my G10 is falling apart (six years old, 4 screws missing (I replaced three in Barcelona), cracked screen with dust in the inside) I am setting for a new camera with bigger sensor and changeable lens, so I can deliver even better pictures in the next trips! Therefore, when not getting out to buy food, I spent the days in bed, sleeping, resting, trying to get healthy and researching.
In the evening Veigar and his friend (Usam?) came by Agadir as they were going to take the bus to Casablanca. It was pouring down outside, but my rain gear worked well during my three kilometres biking to them. I sat with them at a cafè for a couple of hours before they left for their bus, and I went back to my research!